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Flower comb handmade in Paris and crafted with eternal flowers.

Eternal flowers are natural flowers that have been dried or preserved to retain their original beauty. Hair accessories made with eternal flowers are ideal for brides who are looking for natural flowers  that will stay beautifull the whole day.

You can order your accessories made with eternal flowers several weeks prior your wedding and then keep it as a souvenir of this special day.

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Flower comb for wedding, handmade in Paris and crafted with eternal flower by a qualified florist specialized in wedding florals.

  • Flowers used: Eryngium, gynerium (pampa grass), flax, sanfordii, broom bloom, hill flower, preserved eucalyptus
  • Lenght : ~12cm

Since all our accessories are handmade, there might be slight differences compared to the photograph, that’s what make each piece is unique! 

How-to Care Instructions  

  • Store your dried/preserved flower accessories in box in which they came.
  • Keep dried/preserved flower accessories out of direct sunlight and areas of bright light (to avoid the colors to fade) and in a room with low humidity (high humidity can alter the quality).
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