Wedding accessories

Bridal hair accessories, crowns, combs and buttonholes, handmade in Paris and crafted with eternal flowers.


Eternal flowers are natural flowers that have been dried or preserved to retain their original beauty. An accessory made with eternal flowers is ideal for a bride who want natural flowers in her hair for her wedding. Additional benefit: eternal flower accessories can be kept as precious souvenir from this special day or reuse on another occasion.

For special orders, large quantities or custom designs, you can contact me directly by email:

If you are keen on craft, I offer floral workshops to teach you how to make your own floral accessories.


Contact Hi! The studio's activities will slow down from November 15th as a baby is coming into our life very soon! To welcome her/him at best, the e-shop will be closed during my maternity leave.
I keep an eye on my emails to answer your request for 2021-2022 weddings/events.
The re-opening of the e-shop (and custom-made orders) is planned mid-March 2021.